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Gooruze Landing Pages

by AndyBeard Prodigy(October 2007) (rank 49th)
We are all marketers here on Gooruze, so trying to improve the quality of the message we offer the world through our Gooruze profile should be one of our highest priorities.

I have spent a short while playing with the editor to see what is possible, even though many allowed HTML functions are not available in the editor toolbar.

Limitations In Landing Page Design

  • You have to host images elsewhere
  • You can't use forms
  • You can't use center tag
  • You can't edit the raw HTML after it is saved
  • Even though code might display correctly in the editor, it might appear as raw code on the page (disallowed code)
  • There seems to be a limit in the number of characters that can be used in your profile - if a block of text isn't needed for SEO purposes, it might take up less characters if you create it as an image and use very short file names (think TinyURL)
I found it easier to edit something in an external text editor and then copy / paste the HTML into the Gooruze editor. If something didn't work, the only option was to carefully select the content primarily using the keyboard and then deleting it.
If you use shift and arrow keys when selecting, you can even delete hidden HTML elements. Go beyond the selection to an element you want to keep, and then go back one using the cursor keys.


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AverageAverageAverageAverageAverage 3.84 I wish I wrote that from 15 votes

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Re: Gooruze Landing Pages

5.00 (Excellent) Vote: WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!

October 2007

Its good to see people are already thinking about ways we can improve the Gooruze experience
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Re: Gooruze Landing Pages


October 2007

I agree, but perhaps this is only the beginning. I am hopeful this turns out to be a useful forum for online marketers.

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Re: Gooruze Landing Pages

1.00 (Very Poor) Vote: Dull Dull Dull Dull Dull

October 2007

Hey Andy

Thanks for the article.
It looks more like Gooruze feedback than online marketing advice though.
There is a group here for Gooruze feedback and future wishlist items etc

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Re: Gooruze Landing Pages

4.00 (Good) Vote: Interesting Interesting Interesting Interesting Interesting

October 2007

It certainly wasn't intended to be feedback.

The article is specifically about improving landing pages on a social media profile, which in this case is on Gooroze.

I have read multiple articles on how to improve landing pages on many sites, for instance Stumbleupon or Facebook, and it is typical to include details of what code you can or can't use within the profile.

I have already made some comments in the wishlist section regarding sme of the things I came across whilst creating both the profile and this article.
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Re: Gooruze Landing Pages

5.00 (Excellent) Vote: WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!

October 2007

fair enough - i hear ya.
just trying to help people navigate the site in the early days
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