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Facebook Advertising: Case Data & How We Got to Social Ads & Resources

by GabrielGoldenberg Apprentice(November 2007) (rank 78th)

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I recently spoke on a panel at FacebookCamp Montreal and discussed Facebook Advertising opportunities (and some reputation management.

Facebook ads - contrary to all the stupid noise of uninformed marketers and "privacy watchdogs" (you know who you are) - provide a good ROI. The advertising CTR issues have been largely solved by the Social Ads platform and my own site stats are showing positive things in terms of time spent on site and page views (I know that's not $ ROI, but my campaign isn't aimed at selling things - it's for awareness and branding, and I'm seeing people interact with my site and approach me in person as a at least partly as a result of the campaign).

In terms how we got to Social Ads, I think it's important to recognize how we got there. As Valleywag shared (and shared again),
Facebook had a rate card for big brand advertisers. They were selling sponsored groups and sponsored newsfeed stories to these advertisers that were the predecessors of what we're seeing today. They cost in the hundreds of thousands. Nowadays, they're more relevant AND they're cheap enough that the marketer on the tightest budget can afford them.

The point is that, whatever foolishness big brand advertisers may occasionally - or even often - engage in, these babies have value. You need to know how to measure it. If you want to skip my post on Facebook ads and just see the slide, here they are. (Kinda like watching tv with the sound off, but less funny.) Edit: I forgot to mention that 55% of Facebook Users have Shopped and Bought Online this past year.

For more, here are some resources on it:

Watch Sugarrae's Facebook videos
Read Slightly Shady's experience
Valleywag reports media buyers saying Facebook performed poorly - but CTR now being up, and it becoming clearer that FB is less direct marketing and more about branding/filling the top of the conversion funnel, these points are now moot.
Jane at SEOmoz put together a pretty good post on going commercial with Facebook Apps
Facebook is letting users drop the is in their status who gets it from AllFacebook
Nick of Afb also has a nice piece on ad options for app developers. Plus his terrific coverage shows up the maroons at MoveOn: Facebook Adds More Spam Protection
And as a Canuck, I'm proud to say we own Facebook

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AverageAverageAverageAverageAverage 3.33 OK from 4 votes

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Re: Facebook Advertising: Case Data & How We Got to ...

5.00 (Excellent) Vote: WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!

November 2007

Facebook is like any medium, it will work for some companies and brands, but not others...

you highlighted the key to any new advertising option with your statement  "my campaign isn't aimed at selling things - it's for awareness and branding, and I'm seeing people interact with my site and approach me"

so at the end of the day its about what you're offering, what your advertising goals are and most importantly, whether your target audience is going to be engaged by an ad in facebook, that dictates whether you'll consider facebook effective or not...
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Re: Facebook Advertising: Case Data & How We Got to ...


November 2007

You understood exactly.
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