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The Internet has become a 24 x 7 trade show - The impact on Lead Generation

by davidcaruso Prodigy(November 2007) (rank 48th)

Trade shows for lead generation:

Trade shows used to be the places to show new products and collect leads.
Now Business people use the ease and worldwide reach of the search engines to scan the Internet for products and services. All businesses have a website promoting their products or services just as on any trade show.
Moreover new products or services are announced with a Press Release on the Internet, without any Trade Show in sight.
Thus less people visit Trade Shows, this means less leads from these.

Website not working as lead generation:

As people visit your company website, they gather information and make up their mind, without the Sales rep., as they surf incognito, without leaving any contact details behind. (Industry standard is 2-3%).
All the knowledge and expertise of the Sales rep. is put aside. Website information can be wrongly interpreted or misunderstood.

Trails on website:

However as they visit the website they leave trails behind. Enough clues for a service to retrieve the company name, the location, the language and office time zone location (important for global companies).
Once the company name and website revealed more information can be retrieved by Internet Data Mining from different sources. Even contacts can be found, most likely the important officers (VITO).

Just like web analytic solutions the search terms used and the pages visited are captured, but instead of aggregating by the website, these data is aggregated by company for exactly knowing the interest in products or services.

Conversations instead of communications:

In order or build up conversations, the combination of the knowledge about:
-The company: products, management, finances,…
-The interest in products or services
-The information on the people to be contacted
is the best method to start tuning your message.

As the company is already interested the chance of rejection with Cold Calling is low. Or the chance of not reading your email is low too.

Generating additional visits from conversations:

Each time you have a communication (conversation) with the potential company; it is very likely this will induce new website visits. Now if you could visually analyze the communications with the website visits plotted on a time scale, you could even better adjust your message for further conversations as you are more or less “looking over their shoulder” when they are surfing your website.
For more Lead Generation methods from your website, please visit LEADSExplorer the web service for converting visitors into leads and nurturing them into prospects using the built-in CRM.


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GoodGoodGoodGoodGood 4.19 I wish I wrote that from 32 votes

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