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According to the recent Forester Forecast report social media will push emerging Internet channels past the $10 billion mark. Share with others news and advice on social media marketing.


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Great presentation ...

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I just found this via Jeremiah Owyang via Twitter.

very neat, very very very simple, visual directory of TONS of web 2.0 companies out there. i wish there was a ratings feature (beyond the 10 word summary), so i can make some type of judgement whether or not to click thru to the site, but i think it's worthwhile to check out if you're looking for new and interesting stuff.

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I have a sense that social media apps and participation in them are still on the upswing, but I'm also feeling overwhelmed where to spend my time because of the proliferation of options. I imagine I'm not alone.

I see bloggers who list their many, many profiles are located (linkedin, digg, gooruze, mixx, sphinn, pownce, twitter, blah, blah, blah) and wonder if they are spreading themselves so thin because a) they're looking for credibility as a social media "expert",  b)  they haven't decided yet where they are going to get the most bang for their buck, or c) the dust is still in the air but will evenutally settle and many of these sites will become either obsolete or even more niche oriented.

Just an observation. Any thoughts?
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I know its not just great content that gets front page on social media sites. There is a lot of back strategy - leverage friends to get your site dugg, mixxed, etc, submit often, propel, or sphinn your friends sites, vote often, etc.

as a marketer wanting to increase web traffic, I see the value in knowing and doing this. But it still seems dirty and fake. its gaming the system. how do you guys feel?
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Social media is all about transparency, openness, conversations, etc. Right? A marketer in the social media space (community manager, pr person, etc) wants to develop relationships and listen the customers.

But if the marketer is representing, for instance, a lingerie company, but  is a guy, how would we expect that guy to gain the trust and develop conversations with women about lingerie fit, style, sexiness, etc?

I bring this up because I had a market researcher speak in class of a community forum designed for women who were beta testing a new minivan. The community manager was actually a business school intern (a guy) posing as a woman and mother, in order to guide the conversations and extract necessary market information.

What's your take on this. How do we apply social media ideals in a real life marketing infrastructure?
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I just thought I'd share this.

My previous blog post in this group voiced my concern that I was not "getting" twitter. The geek that I am had me searching for instructions, and I found a good guide at the url listed above. just wanted to share.
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I'm trying to get into twitter. Doesn't that sound lame? iIdon't want to be one of the many that say its useless, but I will admit I don't get it yet. I'm trying to follow conversations, but I find it kind of confusing and disjointed. However, the main take away I have right now is how strange it is to blend your personal and professional life so publicly. I kind of like that in theory, and isn't that what sm 2.0 is all about? But it's still weird.

what do you think?
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A couple of years ago, before "conversations" online were getting really popular (i almost feel dirty using that term, since its kind of overused, but...) i thought that it was pretty easy to behave poorly online -- for instance, think how easy it is to send rude emails to companies whose products you don't like, or post poor reviews, etc.

Now, with the wide use of participation and engagement among individuals (like here on gooruze, or social networking sites, etc) i wondered if behavior would improve...for instance being tactful when disagreeing with someone's viewpoint in a comment, or sending constructive feedback to a company, etc. in essence, treating people as you would if you were talking to them face to face.

Well, I have recently been reading articles on Digg (i know, i'm a late bloomer) and WOW, some of those comments are biting. Maybe I'm a prude. And I'm the last person to be giving lessons on tact. But just because it's easy to be completely and totally honest about your feelings, I still think its worthwhile to use a filter between brain and mouth (or in this case, fingers).

What do you think?
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I took a pricing class this past fall (I'm an MBA student) and had a speaker who noted that his company had a pricing strategy for every customer. Sure, this is a form of price discrimination, but in a setting where what people pay is relatively individual and private, it makes sense that  where different customers have a different willingness to pay, it is in a company's best interest to identify that value and try to capture as much of it as possible.

So, what about communications to customers in the social media sphere? Traditional branding identifies a company's universal promise and voice. But that strategy arose in a time where there were very few marketing channels - TV, radio, print, direct sales, catalog sales, etc.

Now, in a time where customers are increasingly fragmented because much of their time is devoted to niche internet communities, there is an opportunity to use a greater variety of messages, and to speak in different "tongues" to a wider audience.

But does a communication strategy for every customer make sense? Does it spread a brand too thin, make it too complex, take up too much time? Or is the increased personalization worth the effort in exchange for stronger relationships, and hopefully, increased long-term company value?

Any thoughts?


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In the spirit of the fast-approaching holiday season, I’ve decided to pull together a gift guide to help anyone who has a public relations professional to buy for this holiday season.

Holiday gift guide for PR pros:
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