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I'd like to see voting only allowed if a comment is left.
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Time stamping is your friend. I would love to see articles time stamped. Especially in SEO/SEM. I take things with a grain of salt that are over the 2-3 yr age mark.
Group Blog Comment 3 comments   269 Visits      Report Report
It's a good thing I'm patient. You need a big button on blogs that says "New Post". Clicking on "Blog" is SO unintuittive.

Group Blog Comment 0 comments   154 Visits      Report Report
It would be nice if we could get to our mail, groups, and friends straight after log in, instead of having to search through the side bar.
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Something I feel is a bit cumbersome atm is keeping track of articles, and Q/A's. These are mainly what I am interested in. Would it be possible to separate out on the activity page: each kind "activity" into its own block instead of having one long list.

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It would be nice to give users the option to fill out more of their profile. It would be nice to know someone's real name, etc. Give them control, so they can hide behind their nick if they want.
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a page that displays all activity in subscribed groups.
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I just noticed when I commented on an old post that there is no indication that there is fresh activity.
Once groups become busier this will lead to many important discussions becoming invisible.

Groups need a way to highlight new content.
Group Blog Comment 5 comments   243 Visits      Report Report
I get logged out far too often. If possible please implement longer sign in times...indeed, indefinite if possible (perhaps as an option). The "remember me" feature doesn't seem to work at this stage either.
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You've gotta figure out a way to show the entire article title on the homepage. That's going to drive me nuts. I haven't clicked on an article yet because I don't know what any of them are about. And I know it'd be a simple click of the back button if I didn't like the article, but I guess I've gone internet lazy or something. :)
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